"Thought is the wind, knowledge is the sail, and mankind the vessel" Augustus Hare

Our vision ...

BL is a portuguese company founded in 2015, with a dynamic and multidisciplinary team, with a large experience in the renewable energy business.
Wind turbine generators represent an investment in the future; to optimize the production of wind projects, BL Renewables Support offers efficient technicians, qualified and reliable. We focus our expertise trying to find safe services and a superior quality.
We focus our intervention supporting promoters and operators, manufacturers, construction and installation teams, on the development, operation and maintenance of wind farms.
Our teams have several years of experience in the wind business, as technicians, supervisors, site and project managers. Based on this knowledge, we established a flexible range of services and solutions designed to optimize the projects entrusted to us.

Our mission ...

Our challenge is to offer differentiated and transversal solutions to the energy sector, based on principles of innovation and professionalism, always seeking to achive more and better and to be recognized as a solid partner with high quality and high performance.

Our values ...

Honesty ... with our clients, partners, suppliers.

Constant and transversal search for innovation in order to increase the efficiency of processes and the final result.

Cohesion and group spirit of all those involved in the activities of the company, ensuring that the challenges are achived and overcome, with the involvement and respect of the whole team.

Ambition to do more and better, to observe what surrounds us and to take the necessary lessons to build solid foundations for the future.

Flexibility and common sense to adapt to global market demands and changes.

Excellence, to be highly effective and rigorous in everything we do and in the way we relate, always based on processes, entities, people and the final result.

Proactiveness and determination in overcoming the challenges that we face.

Our principles ...


We believe that to be a responsible company means to be honest on the consequences of our activities, minimizing the negative impacts and maximizing the positive opportunities. We aim to help local communities and to promote our employees careers, placing people at the heart of what we do.


BL Renewables strongly support a commitment to a sustainable development and the provision of best practices. Within our sustainable development policy, we seek the prudent use of natural resources, maintaining high and stable levels of economic growth, effective protection to the environment and social progress that recognizes the needs of us all. We divided these areas into social, environmental and economic categories and act actively with our stakeholders.

Training & Development

We believe that the key to our success is our people. We proactively invest in training to enable and create the mentalities needed to meet future challenges.

Health & Safety

We take the challenge of health & safety as a personal commitment. Nothing we do is so important that we can't do it safely. We work hard to increase risk awareness in our workplaces, and as part of this process we focus on keeping a record of risks and near misses. It helps us to understand which steps to take to make our workplaces safer.


Our works pursues strong environmental policies whose application ensures high standards of quality, in particular regarding to their practical results. An efficient approach, which can minimize negative impacts and maximize positive results. It also builds strong and confident relationships with our costumers and stakeholders.

By recognizing that our activities can have a significant impact on the environment, BL Renewables Support undertakes to prevent pollution by operating our business in an environmentally sustainable manner.