"When t winds of change blow, some people build walls and others build windmills" Chinese proverbe

We focus our intervention supporting promotors and operators, manufacturers, construction and installation teams, on the development, operation and maintenance.

Engineering & Services

Project management, construction management and site management.

Preliminary design and execution project.

Project review and verification.

Site agency, supervision and inspection.

Health & safety at work.

Quality inspections.

Geothecnical inspections.

Topography, cartography and geografic information systems.



Accesses, platforms and drainages.


Control buildings and substations.

Route Surveys.

Electrical lines.


Installation & Maintenance

Quality inspections, provisory and definitive take overs/handovers.

Inspections and certification, maintenance and repairs.

Bolt torques and re-torques; torques check.

Fiber repairs.

Cleanings, paintings and inner fittings.


Disassembly and substitution of major components.

Technical training to installation teams.